Frequently Asked Questions


Minimum of 10 players per team. 

If a team has less than 10 players, they are required to find the additional players or cover the cost of the number of players that the team are short to reach the minimum of 10. 



Minimum of 7 players per team. 



Minimum of 11 players per team. 

If a team has less than 11 players, they are required to find the additional players or cover the cost of the number of players that the team are short to reach the minimum of 11. 

We will try our best in this situation to place players in the same team, though when signing up as Individual players this cannot always be guaranteed depending on the number of individual players signing up. 


Yes, you can play with as little as 5 players.

All teams are to be in matching shirts with numbers on the back. 


There are penalties in place for players out of uniform by round 3 unless there is an acceptable reason.  An acceptable reason IS NOT:

  • I left mine at home.
  • I have multiple teams.
  • The dog ate it.
  • It’s in the car or another bag.

Players out of uniform on the field will also be penalised 1 try per player out of uniform. This will be decided by the referee.

Players will be warned for Rounds 1-2 before rule is applied.

There will be no consideration given to teams/players coming up the office after a game raising issues with uniforms.  If you have concerns, you must raise them with our Competition Official during the game or at half time.  The decision of the Competition Official is final, any arguing or dissent shown towards the Competition Official regarding policing this rule will see additional penalties imposed on the player/team in question.

Shorts and tights will be sold at the venue on any game night.

You can also purchase them online here: Home | ACT OZTAG SPORTS PTY LTD (

Unfortunately, due to the difference in the make of these, they are not covered by our insurance policy, so are not permitted to be worn during the season.


Games can be played at any time between 4.00pm and 9.00pm. Our standard games times are 4:10pm, 4:45pm, 5:20pm, 5:55pm, 6:30pm, 7:05pm, 7:40pm and 8.15pm BUT these may vary due to the number of teams and/or number of fields available.



Games can be played at any time between 6.00pm and 9.00pm.  Our standard games times are 6:00pm, 6:45pm, 7.30pm and 8.15pm BUT these may vary due to the number of teams and/or number of fields available.  We will attempt to accommodate any teams’ requests to play/not play at certain timeslots but cannot guarantee that the requests can be met.

We will attempt to rotate teams’ timeslots weekly, but no guarantees are given.  All teams may play at any time slot during the season. Every effort is made to even out the number of games played at each time slot, but no guarantee is given.


For persons aged 13 and above.

Follow these few simple steps and you will be on your way to becoming a Oztag Referee:

1.    Complete Oztag’s Level 0 Accreditation 

2.    Register to attend the ACT Oztag Referee Course 

3.    Complete the Referee Contact Information Form

4.    Attend the ACT Oztag Referee Course (advertised here)

5.    Start Refereeing! You will be a “shadow” referee to gain confidence and skill, before refereeing on your own.


NEW SENIOR REFEREES – You must be at least 15 years of age, and complete a Senior Referee Course, such as a Level 1 Course. Once you have completed the course, you will be able to referee social grade competitions.

An initial regrading will take place after Round 4.  We reserve the right to regrade a team at any time should we deem it necessary.

Due to numerous factors it is not always possible to get teams graded correctly.  When doing the initial grading there are many factors we have to consider including:

  • Past performance of team
  • Players in a team (experience, rep players)
  • Oztag experience (new teams/players)
  • Number of teams into a division
  • Potential player/referee clashes
  • Team requests
  • Field availability
  • Our knowledge of teams

To achieve as fair a competition as possible the following guidelines apply to the regrading of teams:

  • We will undertake an initial review of gradings after Round 4, with a final review generally after Round 8. The committee reserves the right to re-grade a team at any time should they deem it necessary.
  • When a team is re-graded, they will be moved to the new division and retain their current competition points and their own tries for and tries against. Re-grading is not meant to reward or penalise teams.

When reviewing the competition for possible re-grading following are some factors that are considered:

  • How many games have been played and against what teams have these games been played?
  • How many players did teams have playing on a particular night; how many players did the opposition have?
  • How is the whole division performing?
  • Are there other teams in the same division who may need to be re-graded?
  • What are the for/against figures?
  • Are there teams in higher/lower divisions that require re-grading and may be switched with?
  • Do the teams have a history of poor performance and then much improved performance once downgraded?

As Oztag is a recreational sport there is no training, however if the teams wish to organise their own training they can.

Teams are not required to have coaches, only a team delegate is to organise communication to their relevant teams. With our individual teams we approach parents to see if someone is able to put their hand up to be the coach/team delegate.

Coaches are allowed on the field for Tiny Tagerz, U6, U7 and U8’s.

Coaches are on the field to provide support to their team and in no way influence the referee or the game. 

Coaches are required to stay behind the play. 


Players are encouraged to download the SportFix app and all draws will be loaded on here and updated throughout the competition. Everybody is encouraged to join our Facebook page ‘ACT Oztag’ for all updates and wet weather announcements.  

Yes, you child can play in an older age division.

ACT Oztag do not accept age dispensations for players to participate in a younger age group.

Oztag is a non-tackling sport, it is essential to maintain consistency in enforcing the age divisions for the sake of fair competition. By adhering to the age restrictions, we aim to ensure that all players have the opportunity to develop their skills in an environment that is appropriate for their age and level of play.

Mixed: 8 players on the field, with a maximum 4 males at any one time.

Girl’s: 8 players on the field.

Boy’s: 8 players on the field.



5 players on the field


Tiny Tagerz, U6, U7, U8’s & U9’s – use a Junior Football Size 4

U10’s to Seniors – use a Senior Football Size 5

Tiny Tagerz, U6 & U7’s – mod field 50m x 35m

U8’s to Seniors – full field 70m x 50m


Games run for 30minutes timeslots, 2 x 15min halves. 



Games run for 40minutes timeslots, 2 x 20min halves. 


U6’s – U17’s play finals.

Tiny Tagerz do not play finals. 



A, B, C, D and E Divisions play finals. 

Novice do not play finals.