Your pathway to Representative Oztag. We focus on enhancing the specific skills, fitness, and strategies needed for success in Representative Oztag.

Ages: Boys & Girls 8-14 years

Time: 1pm – 2pm U8/10’s, 2:15pm – 3:15pm U11/12’s

Location: Curtin playing fields, Dunstan Street.


Duration: 1hr session per age group, 3 week program

Limited places available for each age division. 


Skill Development

Passing: Focus on accuracy, speed, and variety of passes including short, long, and offloads.

Catching: Work on hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and catching under pressure.

Tagging: Practice defensive skills such as efficient tagging techniques and positioning.

Evasion: Develop agility, footwork, and evasion skills to evade defenders.

Kicking: teach proper kicking techniques for grubber kicks. Focus on hitting targets accurately and work on increasing the distance of kicks for territorial gains or tactical advantage.

Game Strategy and Tactics

Understanding of the game rules and positions.

Teamwork: Practice coordinated attacking and defensive strategies, including set plays and formations.

Decision Making: Enhance decision-making skills under pressure, including when to pass, when to run, and defensive positioning.

Feedback: Adjust technique to address weaknesses and optimise strengths.