If complaints are in relation to a referee, teams, or the way rules are being adjudicated, these must be addressed with the Ground Officials on the night of competition. If a team have concerns during a game, please approach the Ground Officials while the game is being played.


If the circumstance of the complaint requires more formal processes, the complaint must be lodged in writing using the below form.

We will not disclose any confidential information or your personal details without first obtaining your consent, unless the information is required by legislation to be provided to regulatory agencies, for example matters related to child protection.

dealing with your complaint

All complaints will be acknowledged upon receipt. You may be asked to provide additional information or evidence.

We aim to finalise all complaints within 5 – 7 days of receipt. However, in selected circumstances additional time may be required to investigate and address an issue raised through a complaint. In this case, you will be advised of the anticipated time-frame for completion and kept informed of progress relating to your complaint.

A final determination will be issued to you in writing, including details of the assessment undertaken and the final outcome.