Nicholls District Playing Fields, Clarrie Hermes Dr, Casey ACT 2913.


 Registration Payments Closing Date: All players are required to be registered and paid by the 20th April. 


Registration: $ 120 (+ additional online processing fees 4.2%) per player


Competition Length: 8 weeks + 2 Week of Finals


Team Numbers: Teams must have 10 players minimum.



No exceptions for any team no matter how long they have been together, family members, keeping rep teams together or for any other reason.

To try to maintain the competitiveness of our competitions, and to give all teams a fair go, we have rules in place on how many Representative players that are permitted in teams from Division 3 down.  If you have any question regarding these rules, or how they may apply to your team or players please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always open to suggestions on improvements or tweaking of these rules, but they must be to everyone’s benefits, so if you have any idea’s please come and discuss them with us.

 A Rep player is a person who has represented ANY Oztag competition at either of the 2022 or 2023 State Cups or the 2022/23 National Championships



Male – 34 and under


Male – 35-39


Male – 40+


Female – 29 and under


Female – 30-35


Female 35+


 Age is determined by the players age at scheduled start date of the respective competition.


Wednesday Super 7’s



Points Limit


Super 7’s




BONUS BOX – whereby an additional point is awarded when ball is placed on or within the bonus box lines. A player may enter the bonus box from any direction.

One point is awarded for a try. In mixed games a female try is two points.  (This is not a discriminatory or equality issue. It simply enhances the game)

The ball carrier cannot pass the ball back after crossing the opposition try line.  If they do a tag will be counted 10 metres out in line with the origin of the pass. If it’s the 6th tag, a c/o 10 metres out from the origin of the pass.



Kick on any tag

50/10 – If a player kicks the ball from within their own half and the ball bounces in the field of play then goes into touch within 10 metres of the try line, the attacking team will receive a tap kick 10 metres in from the touch line and 10m out from the try line. This action is called a 50/10. Note: a 50/10 can be made from a kick off or drop out.


How many players on the field?

Mixed: consists of 7 players on the field, 4 males and 3 females with a maximum 4 males at any one time.

Men’s: consists of 7 players on the field.

Women’s: consists of 7 players on the field.


Game Times 

Time slots commence from 6.00pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm and 8.15pm. It will depend on how many teams are in the competition as to what time your games are each week. Divisions do not have set times as we receive Time Requests which may see teams playing early one week and later the following week.


How Long do games run for?

Games run for 30minutes timeslots, 2 x 15min halves. 


What size football do we use?

Seniors – use a Senior Football Size 5


What size field do we play on?

Seniors – full Oztag field 70m x 50m


Finals Format: 

Semi finals – Top 4 Teams in each division

Grand Finals – Winners of Semi Final games


Kick off Date: 1st May 2024

Bye rounds (all divisions): 5th June 2024, 26th June 2024, 17th July 2024

Finals Dates: Semi final 31st July 2024, Grand final 7th August 2024

Note: if wet weather catch up rounds are not required, semi-finals & grand finals will be played a week earlier than scheduled.

Note: Washed Out Games MAY BE played on any day of the week, including weekends.


Uniforms: All teams are to be in matching shirts with Numbers on the back by Round 2. A penalty of 1 try PER PLAYER out of uniform will be awarded to the opposing team prior to starting the game.


Oztag Shorts/Tights: Players are required to wear official Australian Oztag shorts or tights. Under no circumstances are players allowed to sew Velcro patches onto pants/tights or wear LEAGUE TAG shorts/tights. Shorts ($30) and Tights ($35) will be available at all competition venues each week.


Footwear: All players must wear footwear on the Oztag field. Moulded sole turf shoes are recommended; however, they are not necessary. No boots with screw in studs, metal, or plastic, are permitted to be worn on the field.


Player Sign on Process

QR Sign In process for all Teams

  • At each field there will be a field sign with a QR Code.
  • Team Managers are asked to scan the QR code prior to the game.
  • This can be done prior to kick off or at half time of the game.
  • When you scan the QR code you can fill in all players names in the one box that attended the game. (First name only is ok)
  • It is imperative you QR sign in, as it is part of your insurance in case of an injury.

Fill In Player Procedure

  • Each fill in player MUST pay a $10.00 fill-in fee, which covers filling in for 1 game only.
  • Fill in’s MUST report to the ground controllers, register and sign on BEFORE taking the field and playing.
  • The player can play a MAXIMUM of 2 games as a fill in player after which they must pay the balance of a full registration.
  • Player/s found playing unregistered will result in the team losing that game.
  • Organiser/captain or responsible player organising an unregistered player to play without following the fill in procedures will be suspended for 1 week.
  • Fill in payers are not eligible to play Semi-Finals or Grand-Finals
  • ACT Oztag reserves the right to reject a fill in player for any reason. ACT Oztag Association reserves the right to alter these conditions as we see fit.

Forfeit Process

Teams are required to notify ACT Oztag of a forfeit by 2pm on the day.

To notify of a forfeit the team manager can: Email ACT Oztag – Facebook – ACT Oztag



Complaints Process

If teams have a complaint in relation to referees, teams, competition organisers and/or the way rules are being adjudicated, these must be addressed with the Ground Officials on the night of competition. If you have concerns during a game, please approach the Ground Officials while the game is being played, it is extremely difficult to deal with concerns after the fact.

If the circumstance of the complaint requires more formal processes, the complaint must be lodged in writing using the complaint form on the ACT Oztag website.

  • Go to
  • select “resources”
  • select “complaints”